I’m Tony, the owner of Bike Tours Hanoi. I feel privileged to have dedicated almost a decade to the travel industry. My goal is to turn my passion into a fulfilling profession that enables explorers to delve deeper into Vietnam’s culture, history, and scenic beauty, with the ultimate aim of nurturing an affection for my homeland, just as I have.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with various domestic and international travel companies. This invaluable experience has provided me with insights into the desires and needs of travelers exploring Vietnam. It has equipped me with the knowledge and expertise to conduct trips with the utmost professionalism, coupled with a strong commitment to responsible travel practices.

Authentic Insights

At Bike Tours Hanoi, our expertise lies in providing an authentic glimpse into the daily lives of hardworking Vietnamese people. Our tours wind through the rich tapestry of Hanoi, from vibrant markets and local kitchens to serene countryside and meandering city streets. Our unwavering enthusiasm for sharing profound knowledge of Hanoi leads us to believe that becoming a pillion passenger, guided by our seasoned team, offers an exceptionally distinctive and genuine adventure.

Culinary Expeditions

Our tours extend beyond the boundaries of traditional sightseeing; they are culinary odysseys as well. We escort you to family-run eateries that often escape the notice of tourists, where an enticing array of local cuisine awaits. Our expert tour guides introduce you to each dish, its ingredients, cooking techniques, and cultural significance. It’s a sensory feast that fosters a profound connection with the city’s culture.

Immersed in Hanoi’s Realities

At Bike Tours Hanoi, our commitment is to immerse travelers in the authentic essence of Hanoi. You’ll navigate a labyrinth of backstreets and zigzagging alleyways that unveil unfiltered Hanoi, complete with its challenges and triumphs. While other travel companies may focus solely on tourist attractions, we wholeheartedly embrace the full spectrum of experiences, from the delightful to the challenging, because they encapsulate the genuine soul of the city.

Sensory Expedition

Exploring Hanoi with Bike Tours Hanoi is an invitation to engage all your senses: seeing, feeling, touching, hearing, tasting, and smelling the unique essence of this place. Our tours provide an opportunity for travelers to venture beyond their comfort zones, opening their hearts and souls to the full spectrum of experiences – both delightful and demanding.

Exceptional Offerings and Passion

What distinguishes Bike Tours Hanoi in the travel industry is our meticulously crafted portfolio of experiences. Each journey is thoughtfully designed to deliver an authentic travel encounter, encompassing the multifaceted aspects of Hanoi – the good, the challenging, and everything in between. Our foundation is built on enduring passion and love for Hanoi, serving as the driving force behind our distinctive offerings. We foster integrity and creativity, firmly believing that collaboration fuels innovation. Choose Bike Tours Hanoi to embark on a journey guided by genuine passion, creativity, and a profound appreciation for the authentic Hanoi experience.

Join us as we share our love for Vietnam and the incredible city of Hanoi!

Huy Nguyen – Bike Tours Hanoi Founder