8 Days Ha Giang Loop Biking Tours

8 Days Ha Giang Loop Biking Tours

OVERVIEW  8 Days Ha Giang Loop Biking Tours

Terraced fields and surreal limestone peaks are home to a vibrant traditional tribal culture. Crops and houses appear to cling to the rocky terrain. We came across Red Dao, Tay, White Hmong, Tay, and Lo Lo communities that were completely cut off from the outside world until recently. We observe a traditional way of life, visit local markets, and see wildlife such as water buffaloes, pigs, and horses.

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DETAILED ITINERARY 8 Days Ha Giang Loop Bicycle Tours

Day 1: Hanoi – Tuyen Quang

We drive to Tam Dao-Vinh Yen after an early breakfast. As we begin to cycle, we will pass through many minority villages as we ascend a higher plateau. We stop for lunch before continuing cycling from Doan Hung town through coffee and tea plantations. We’ll take a car to Tuyen Quang’s bustling downtown, arriving late in the afternoon.

Tuyen Quang dinner and overnight

Stay: Hotel (L, D)
Cycling distance: 70km

Day 2: Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang

The journey begins with a 40-kilometer ride on a wide road through the beautiful surrounding countryside. We bike through a patchwork of rice fields and plum orchards. We have a busy 12km and 900m distance after the 40km mark. It’s difficult because we’re passing through a curled-up landscape with beautiful limestone mountains and trees. The Tay and Nung tribes live on the land. We finish the day by driving 35 kilometers into Ha Giang town.

Stay: Hotel (B, L, D)
Cycling distance: 70km

Day 3: Ha Giang To Quan Ba

We left the city this morning, cycling for the first 25 kilometers on a relatively flat road through the landscape of terraced rice fields. We rode the 25km winding roads through ethnic minority villages into the vast limestone mountain range with perpendicular stone walls, climbing 800m towards the mountain path through Heaven Heaven 1 gate 1. When we pass through the sometimes cloudy mountain villages, we will be greeted warmly by the locals. From the pass, we can see the beautiful scenery, including the famous vista of Tam Son valley with the ‘Twin Hills,’ and we can follow the town of Quan Ba, our destination. The last 15 kilometers into Quan Ba are mostly downhill.

Stay: Hotel (B, L, D)
Cycling distance: 50km

Day 4: The Cycle Of Quan Ba ​​To Yen Minh

We’ll want to spend our time today photographing our beautiful surroundings, and the terrain of limestone and limestone is as diverse as it is beautiful. We rode up the slope for a few kilometers before descending for about 10 kilometers, and then the terrain was relatively flat for the next 10 kilometers. It climbed a difficult terrain up and down 1,025m before landing for the final 15km into Yenh Minh. We will have the opportunity to see traditional tribal houses on a nearby hill. The majority of the people in this area are Chinese.

Stay: Hotel (B, L, D)
Cycling distance: 53km

Day 5: Yen Minh Climbs Over Rocky Plateau To Dong Van And Meo Vac.

Today we cycled on semi-quiet streets as we made our way out of the dense cedar forest on the Dong Van rock plateau. It is a registered UNESCO Global Geopark with 80 percent of the terrain covered in rocks and is thought to contain fossils dating back 400-600 million years. The isolated Dong Van town is nestled in a valley in the heart of the Rock Plateau, close to the Chinese border and surrounded by colorful mountains and orchids. The meaning of Dong Dong Van shared culture was occupied by the Chinese, as well as the Hipmong, Tay, and Kinh. The houses are designed in the Chinese style.

The scenery was breathtaking as we rode along a vast gorge on the dirt road from Dong Van to Meo Vac. The road is winding and undulating, with a view of the Nho Que River below. We look down into the valley from Ma Phi Leng pass, which is about 1500 meters above sea level. We’re staying in the small town of Meo Vac tonight. Because traveling to Meo Vac was nearly impossible until the construction of new roads recently, most of the tribes living here have protected their way of life from outside influences.

Stay: Hotel (B, L, D)
Cycling distance: 70km

Day 6: Meo Vac Comes To Bao Lam

A daily market is held in the center of Meo Vac, which is primarily used by the white hill tribes H’mong, Tay, and Lo Lo. Women in brightly colored traditional clothing entered town carrying bamboo woven baskets filled with corn and vegetables. Today we take a winding mountain road to Bao Lac. After a 5km ascent, we cycled 20km down the relatively flat road for the next 10km. The surrounding limestone formation landscape is mostly a surreal vista of peaks, troughs, towers, and caves. Crops and houses appear to dangle precariously from the sides of hills. We had a relatively gentle 250m climb before descending the final 30km on flat terrain. We will surpass people from the local ethnic minorities along the way wearing their vibrant tribal costumes. We stay tonight at Bao Lam.

Stay: Hotel (B, L, D)

Cycling distance: 74km

Day 7: Bao Lam Comes To Lake Babe

Even in this remote mountain village, there is a bustling morning market. We began the day by cycling through difficult terrain, but the road was quiet and in good condition. We rode through a beautiful valley to the tin mining town of Tuc Tuc on our way to Nguyen Binh. We continue along the difficult terrain, but the unparalleled beauty of the surroundings more than compensates for the difficulties of cycling.

Stay: Hotel (B, L, D)
Cycling distance: 88km

Bao Lac to Tinh Tuc (72,54km)

Tinh Tuc to Nguyen Binh (15.46km)

Day 8: Babe Ho Comes To Hanoi

We packed our bikes and ride to Hanoi this morning. After our journey through the remote mountains, we can unwind this afternoon and enjoy the bustling and vibrant life of Hanoi.

Stay: Hotel (B)

End of service at hotels in Hanoi (B, L)

INCLUSIONS 8 Days Ha Giang Loop Bicycle Tours

  • English-speaking local guide who is enthusiastic and experienced.
  • Hotel and homestay in the area
  • All Meals as Specified B stands for breakfast, L stands for lunch, and D stands for dinner.
  • Cold beverages such as coffee, tea, cola, juice, and cycling energy drinks
  • Tropical fruits such as banana, mango, and green dragon…
  • Tickets for sightseeing and activities as specified in the itinerary.
  • Minibuses provide 100 percent ground transportation for both passengers and bicycles.

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